Information Architecture

The development of a resilient, flexible, future proof information architecture is a long held goal and Crowd Frame Consulting believes that the TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID) model is a good place to start to achieve this rapidly.

The TM Forum’s SID has been under development for more than a decade, and as it has been created collectively, it has reached an admirable flexibility.  This flexibility extends beyond being the information framework of choice for many telcos to multiple other industry verticals as well.  The SID is currently proving itself in meeting the needs of multiple types of value systems and the business models within these multiple industries.

An early strength of the SID model was in the delivery of a strong Product/Service/Resource model that can deal with almost any service based business model.  The classic supply chain is supported by linking this offering of products to customers to deliver the heart of CRM systems.

The evolution of customer centric business models is supported by the expansion of the customer model into the person behind the contractual relationship and the role played in the sales contract.  This model becomes very flexible and enables any value stream you can imagine.

The third area of SID strength is the treatment and instrumentation of business interactions to implement customer experience models and deliver the big data to drive analytics.

A fourth strength arises when the person-person-role model is inverted to accommodate partnering and ecosystem business models.  This automation and standardisation of B2B2C enables value systems where low onboarding costs allows for diverse sourcing of partnerships and revenue sources within social and network markets.

This information architecture gives businesses the very best basis for meeting the needs of today’s fast evolving business needs, and to accelerate the process further, many software vendors deliver SID versions of their solutions.  The CRM space is particularly well developed with most of the major on premise and SaaS offerings having SID compliant solutions.

Crowd Frame Consulting has the experience to optimise the approach to achieve rapid conceptualisation and governance of transformative solutions.