Complete Telco Architecture

The TM Forum has been addressing the standardised system needs of the telco industry for several decades.  Many telco professionals are familiar with the organisation’s process and information frameworks, colloquially called the eTOM and the SID.

The current reality of the collaborative effort that is the TM Forum is much larger than this.  There is an application framework, a set of really well defined metrics, best practises for digital delivery, platform businesses, revenue assurance, fraud, customer experience, a broad range of concept proof-points and a stream of new areas being addressed.  A particularly useful set of Open API’s has already delivered ecosystem platforms to multiple service providers.  These ideas are starting to be seen to be applicable not only in the TM Forum’s home industry of telecoms, but also cable, media, utilities, of all kinds of services providers, and any number of new generation IoT service providers.

The volume of available content is such that most of us would need a coach to find what is really relevant.  Short, guided immersions are beneficial to accelerate telco professionals, and longer phased learning and coaching engagements deliver cohesive teamwork where architects within a client organisation are specialists in their domains but need to mesh where the deliverables cross over.

This approach has particular benefit where integration is required in a fast paced environment where technical experts need to team up in days, not months.

Crowd Frame Consulting has access to experts who have years of exposure to this challenge and have repeatedly delivered this service in the past.