Artificial Intelligence

Solutions applying artificial intelligence to knowledge management & transfer mechanisms are delivering efficiencies across all industries.

The characteristics of the projects to deliver these solutions are markedly different to traditional information system delivery.  The technical dimension of the effort has reduced to chaining API calls to cloud apps where very powerful SaaS components do the heavy lifting analysis, often for per-use transaction fees.  The shape of the project then becomes an exercise for a subject matter expert to curate the business problem specific knowledge and scope, and then train and improve the accuracy of the system but fine tuning the curated set of information.  

There are many learning points for a business wishing to introduce artificial intelligence microservices within their processes.  The solutions that artificial intelligence services replace typically have intangible learning costs in the business, uncertain accuracy rates and suffer from inconsistencies due to different human actors’ delivery styles.  Artificial Intelligence addresses these, but transformative impacts are needed to embrace consequent improvements in processes.  These changes are typically about setting up the right metrics and instrumentation for measuring and detecting the desired outcomes.

Crowd Frame Consulting has considerable capability in IBM’s leading set of components to inject artificial intelligence into existing processes as well as insight as to where the best value is to be sought from artificial intelligence.