Crowd Frame Manifesto

The adoption of digital technology to deliver business value has changed the way businesses buy and innovate our information processing capabilities.  The wait on IT departments to deliver capability has been redefined by the adoption of software as a service and cloud adoption.  The innovation opportunity has now returned to the revenue generating business where the leaders in digital are those who can imagine new value models that can exploit the new IT forms of delivery.  For these winners, the art of the possible is accelerated by using commodity components that already have IT solutions to deliver them, and thus minimise investment in unique components is needed to start delivering new revenue streams.

Crowd Framework Consulting seeks out the best ideas and components that are created collaboratively.  Our fast paced world no longer gives advantage to the time honoured innovation cycle built on patents and long product launch cycles.  We actively participate in crowdsourced opportunities to hear, understand and get the right and licence to leverage the best ideas out there and get them to our clients.

The Crowd Frame Consulting model is simple.  We teach, mentor and reset service organisation architecture professionals to empower them to consume and implement the best of these ideas in the most pragmatic way.  We are interpreters and guides for the busy folk who cannot take the time out to fully understand these innovative assets.  

Our core capability is in delivering the best from TOGAF, the TM Forum and ITIL.